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Farmhouse Cakes is a home based business. Our biggest helpers are the 30 chicks we keep in the barn. The hens happily hand over their eggs daily for delicious cakes baked fresh for you.

Established in 2012, Farmhouse Cakes creates custom cakes for all occasions. However we’re talking about cake here and there doesn’t have to be an occasion…what’s for dessert? We would love to help you bring smiles to the dinner table at home too! After all the best things begin at home! 

If you’re not much of a cake person we also offer muffins, scones, pies, cheesecakes and homemade cookies. Have you seen a recipe around the internet or in a magazine you’ve been dying to try, but don’t have time or don’t think you have the skills; send it to us and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up or we can deliver locally at no charge.

There’s always room for cake!

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Hello all, my name is Anya, owner of Farmhouse Cakes. I’m a self taught baker and decorator. I’ve taken a few classes but mostly, I figure things out as I go.

The Farmhouse I live in, and operate out of, was built in 1904, by my grandfathers maternal family. On the farm we board horses, and keep a few animals such as, chickens, goats, and pigs.

I believe the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomachs. And you can say anything with cake!

I’m following my heart, my dreams, and my crazy ideas. I’d like to connect with all of you and share in the good times. Let’s create sweet memories together.

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Mon. – Fri.: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


257 Megeath Farm Lane, Front Royal VA 22630


(540) 622 3204