Banana Toffee Rum Bread

How many times do we have bananas sitting around uneaten? If your house is like mine, bananas are a staple and sometimes don’t get eaten before they ripen to mush.

It’s been rainy here in Virginia for a few weeks and all I want to do is bake and eat. Bananas are healthy right?

So here we go…mash 3 bananas, throw in a couple cups of flour, some sugar, a little rum, and an egg. Stir with a heavy duty spoon, not to much just till combined. I sprayed a vegetable oil spray on my pan. The recipe calls for you to grease and flour the pan. Who has time for that? First layer the batter then sprinkle toffee chips over the batter. Pour remaining batter over toffee chips and then of course more tasty toffee bits sprinkled on top. Pop it in the oven and viola!

Now I don’t know about you but I love warm sweet things! I couldn’t wait to taste it. And taste I did!

See that section missing? It’s in my belly! I really just wanted to cut it open to show you guys how insanely delicious it looks inside…I really did have to cut two pieces out. I hadn’t planned on eating that whole two in one slice so I cut it in half. Then I couldn’t leave that other piece just sitting there so I ate it too!

This recipe calls for the use of two loaf pans. I was gonna do that but couldn’t find my other loaf pan, so I improvised. Bundt it is! (It’s also called for nuts and I didn’t have them either). Of course I had rum!

If you’d like to try this recipe I’d love to see how your creation turns out. Show this beauty off in the comments! You can find the recipe at:

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