5 Reasons to order a Farmhouse Cake

Let’s be honest, time flies and most of the time it’s not fun, it’s busy. Time gets away from us! One day we’re thinking about next months celebration and the next thing ya know the party is a week away. Of course you could go to your local grocery store for dessert and believe me I have! Just this past fall I picked up a pumpkin roll from the grocery store. Yes, I did! My oldest child loves my pumpkin roll. I always try to make enough batter to have one more roll for him. This past fall I texted my son “making pumpkin rolls today” so many times. But to his dissapointment I’d have sold out before he walked in the door. Mom guilt made me do it! I know he loves them and I had been so busy baking for everyone else along with everyday life and there was a whole stack on display at the grocery store. $5! I was in! My boy is gonna be so happy!

Even though this roll was a different baked up color than any I ever made, and the size was a tad smaller than mine too, we sliced a swirl for each of us. GAHHHROSS! Really? This is what you guys are eating? The texture was different the flavor was not what I was used to and I was getting bits of pumpkin caught in my teeth! I’ve actually only ever tasted my pumpkin roll but there was no doubt in my mind, if this pumpkin roll and a Farmhouse pumpkin roll were in a competition, I’m 100% sure Farmhouse Cakes would win hands down! The only complaint I ever had was “can you put extra filling in this one?”.

So let’s get to it, I may be biased but I’m a pretty good baker. I’m doing what I love, and the best part is sharing that love with you. I’m not gonna say this is a reason to buy a Farmhouse Cake but, if you need some lovin from the oven, I baked extra in just for you!

1. Each Farmhouse Cake is baked especially for you! Around here we don’t pull cakes out of the freezer, add a greeting and call it yours. From the moment you place an order with Farmhouse Cakes, that cake is yours! An imaginary cake, already yours. The cake you order here is created from start to finish with you and your event in mind. A Farmhouse Cake is not only made to order and homemade but has really always been yours!

2. It’s literally homemade! Dessert is as much about the occasion, location and company as it is about taste. When we think homemade we think of home; but secondly comfort, familiarity and freshness. It’s important when it comes to celebrating someone’s accomplishments, milestone, or serving our family dessert that what we serve our guests is just as special as who and what we’re celebrating.

3. Farmhouse Cakes will get your taste buds going! Have you ever read the label of a store bought cake? So many ingredients I’ve never heard of, some I can’t even pronounce. Would you put oil in your gas tank? No. So don’t feed yourself weird ingredients! If you are going to treat yourself, then make it quality ingredients. A Farmhouse Cake is always made with normal things like eggs, flour, baking powder…I mean what is Carboxymethyl Cellulose? I wouldn’t wanna put that in my gas tank, would you? Do you? Don’t do that. Call me!

4. Purchase homemade Goodness! We often don’t get the privilege of chatting with the owner, or building a relationship with them.  You can literally get to know the person behind the brand. Here, you’re more than just a number you’re a friend, someone who’s been there since the beginning, or someone whose support personally makes the dream a little more achievable.  The story continues with your purchase, you become part of Farmhouse Cakes story! The story grows:  it includes what connected you to a particular cake, as well as why, where and for who the purchase was intended for. 

5. Size matters! Now I know what you’re thinking, but bear with me here. Most store bought cakes are baked in a factory with little or no personal touch. They look big in the pictures advertised but your left feeling disappointed when you cut into the little thing. A Farmhouse cake is always a minimum of 2″ to 3” per layer. Say it with me…We like big bundts and we can not lie! There is no shame in my cake game, bigger IS better!

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